Vision Bristol

Back in November last year I was asked to speak at Vision Bristol. After peeling myself off the floor in a state of shock, I gave it some thought and decided, why not! Although public speaking isn’t really my thing, I felt it was too good an opportunity to decline, especially when the subject I was asked to natter about was ‘How can we protect our ideas when it comes to pitching.’ A topic that gets my goat and something I wish as an industry we could sort out – especially, when it comes to free pitching.

I was asked to do a double act with Graeme Fearon leading specialist in IP law and data protection at Thrings Solicitors… and little ol’ me was asked to look at this issue from a creatives point of view with insights from the clients point of view.

We talked around issues of how you can in theory protect ideas, although it’s never as easy as we’d all like to think. Why there is no ‘silver bullet’ to winning a pitch every time and had a good healthy debate about how as an industry we should be standing up to the client and not giving all our ideas/designs away so freely at pitches.

I also shared some of my pitching ‘war stories’ and my views as a creative that I have on how we should all value our creative thinking gift so much more than we do.

Trying to remain optimistic, I was hopeful for a revolution to be sparked from our talk and we’d see an end to this horribly destructive and damaging process that as an industry we all just seem to roll over and except as the way things are done to win business. But alas, it’s just appears to be too embedded in our way of ‘doing things’ to win work. Why should clients start paying for pitches when we’ve let them have it for free now for so long…! We only have ourselves to blame… ok, now I’m ranting.

The two day event was very inspirational and for me the real highlight was listening to Dave Trott – a true advertising legend, who has the incredible creative gift to interpret all communication challenges into simple memorable messages. Remember, ‘Hello Tosh, Gotta Toshiba‘? I rest my case.

Vision Bristol


Liz Brewe speaking at Vision Bristol

Illustrations by Hugh Macleod

Illustration by Hugh Macleod

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