The Work Cycle

Now if like my hubby you’re potty about bicycles, you are going to LOVE this latest self-initiated gorgeously creative web project to pedal out of Pixillion HQ.

It is called The Work Cycle. And, well, it’s basically a beautiful homage to the bicycle and showcases through stunning photography how our working lives and work spaces are being shaped by this humble mode of transport.

Here’s the latest press release I wrote that tells you all about it (as featured on Boneshaker Magazine).

You can follow the project on twitter @TheWorkCycle and become a fan on Facebook

There are some big names already signed up (Poke LondonEvans CycleTribal DDB AmsterdamBurtt-Jones & Brewer) and more über cool companies rumoured to be featured soon. The Work Cycle is set to become a huge success. But what makes this such a unique project is not just it’s a great idea, but the very slick design and technical execution that makes the user experience, a really great online experience.

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